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Choosing Your Courses, Membership and Enrolling

The link to the Semester 2, 2019 – Program Information Booklet together with links to the online forms are available below. As a member you may select as many programs from our Course Booklet as your diary can accommodate. We offer a varied and exciting smorgasbord of courses, and some members have tended to ‘bite off more than they can chew’ – please think about your other commitments before enrolling for a course, and beware of double-booking for courses at the same time. We hope you enjoy your courses thoroughly!

Each page of the Semester 2, 2019 Course Information Booklet is viewable and if you wish to download the booklet please use the Download PDF button in the viewer pane toolbar OR Direct Download The Course Information Booklet.




Our Semester 2, October / November 2019 cruising holiday on the Golden Princess will need some advance planning. Click the photo above to view or download the details of this 9-night cruising holiday.

Membership and Enrolment Application for Semester 2

Online Forms

The online forms will allow you to join as a member for 2019 AND to select and Enrol in our courses OR Withdraw from any you have already enrolled in or are wait-listed for. For ongoing members there is also a new Member Contact Update Form for you to advise of ANY change in your contact details (street or email address or phone number).

To join as a member for Semester 2, 2019 please click this link for the 2019 Online Membership Form – please include an email address to ensure faster and more comprehensive communication OR you may choose to click the button below to access the Membership Form:

To apply, to Enrol, click this link for the Online Enrolment Form – apply for courses, provide NU3A support information or withdraw from a course you previously enrolled in or were wait-listed for. Please note that you cannot use the online form to record absences from a session of a course.

Please ensure that you have completed a Membership Form before applying for courses for the first time.

If you need to Update OR Amend any details that you have provided to NU3A, please use the the button below to access an online form to change, for example, your address or contact phone number.

Please allow a few days for your ‘form inputs’ to be processed.

Paper Forms

Alternatively you may use our paper forms. You’ll find them less convenient, timely, or reliable, if needed you can print, complete and mail the membership and enrolment application form for Semester 2.

Download NU3A 2019 Membership Application OR click the form image below.
Download NU3A Semester 2, 2019 Enrolment Form OR click the form image below.

OR you can call into the office at 21 Gordon Avenue Hamilton between 10 – 11 am on on any Monday or Friday during the Semester.


Membership badges and membership receipts will be available for collection from the office at 21 Gordon Avenue Hamilton during open office hours as noted above.

If you are unable to collect your badge personally, please forward a stamped, self-addressed envelope to:
Membership and Enrolments
Newcastle U3A
PO Box 316
Hamilton 2303

Confirmation of Enrolments and Course Allocations

After processing an enrolment confirmation Email or letter confirming the courses they have a place in, or have been wait listed for (see below).

Wait List System

All Newcastle U3A enrolment applications are processed in such a way that all members have equal opportunity. If your chosen course is full at the time of processing you will be placed on a wait list.  Should an additional place become available later in the year, you will be immediately notified.

Courses and excursions with payments are allocated on the basis of the date your payment is received in the Newcastle U3A bank account.