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NU3A Turns 30


Want to know what it’s like to join us? Take a look at our video, ‘Older but Bolder’, in celebration of our 30th Anniversary in 2020. 

Many thanks to Joy and David Barrow for their dedicated efforts in producing the video; Mansel Williams, video-photographer; Roy Bisson, cartoonist; Colleen Potts, narrator; and to Elizabeth Elliot for co-ordinating on our behalf. Thankyou also to those who feature in the footage. It represents just a sample of the 100+ classes each year on offer and is a tribute to the many tutors, committee and other volunteers over our 30 year+ history – this is for you!

To view the video on YouTube click the image below.The video was a finalist in the Minister for Ageing Media Awards – congratulations on this extraordinary achievement. NSW U3A also recognised the documentary as an excellent representation of what U3A stands for. Well done all.


In collaboration with Newcastle Library, our tutors embraced the digital age in November 2020 with our 30th anniversary tribute Showcase “Live, Laugh, Learn”, in the new state of the art digital Library, at 12 Stewart Avenue.  You can view some of the presentations below or view the NU3A Showcase program for other topics. Tip: Don’t forget to turn the microphone on.

Tutor Dr John Carr – 2 November, 2020

“We will be considering the prospects for finding life in the universe, looking for the ingredients for life, finding myriads of planets and the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence.”

View John Carr’s presentation

Tutor Julie Keating – 10 November, 2020

“I am currently researching my 8th book. My love of Newcastle’s rich history has given me a greater understanding of Newcastle, its beginnings as a penal colony; and its growth over the centuries into the city it is today. I share with you this fascinating story of the past.”

View Julie Keating’s presentation.

Tutor Jenny King – 11 November 2020

“Japan – a land shrouded in mystery and mythology. But what do we really know about this island country, its people, language and culture? In this session we will dispel the myths and discover the links between Japan and Australia and look at famous Japanese landmarks and traditions. We will learn some Japanese greetings and common expressions, make some origamis and try our hand at haiku.”

View Jenny King’s presentation.

Tutor Dr Robert Colomb -12 November 2020

“In the history of most of the ancient civilisations of Europe and Asia, there are generally several invasions by people ‘out of Central Asia’. From leaving Africa 100,000 years ago to the rise of horse cultures in the Steppe region of Central Asia, we see the emergence of Indo-Europeans, Turks, Mongols and Magyars, all of whom played major roles in our history.”

View Bob Colomb’s presentation.

Tutor Emeritus Prof Jetse Kalma – 17 November 2020

“Following a brief description of recent climate change in Australia, I will present scenarios of future climate and provide an overview of predicted impacts of climate change on Australian agriculture. Discover how agriculture can reduce greenhouse gas emissions through carbon farming. What is the future of agriculture and land use and how can adapt to predicted climate change?”

View Jetse Kalma’s presentation.

Tutor Chris Cull – 18 November 2020

“A carpenter by trade, John Harrison taught himself clock making and in the 1720’s designed a remarkable series of clocks which achieved an amazing accuracy. He is remembered as solving the problem of Longitude, which has enabled sailors to determine their exact position at sea.”

View Chris Cull’s presentation.

Tutor Hilary Oliver – 19 November 2020

“Florence Austral was born Florence May Wilson in Richmond, Victoria in 1892 and died in Mayfield, Newcastle in 1968. During her life she was considered one of the great Wagnerian sopranos of her era. Dame Nellie Melba called her “one of the voices of the world” praising the purity of her tone and the power of her high notes, but today she remains forgotten.”

View Hilary Oliver’s presentation.