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How to join and enrol

All members – new and returning – must apply for membership each calendar year. You apply through the Membership portal on the Home page. To participate in Newcastle U3A activities, you must also be a financial member.  The easiest way to pay is through the Member Portal.  Membership and enrolment is now open for Term 2.  If you wish to add to your selection (or withdraw from any class) please login to the member portal on the Home page and follow the menu to add courses (or withdraw from courses).

How do I enrol in classes for 2024?

Returning members: Login to the Member Portal (on the Home page), pay your 2024 membership fee and make your selection – all in the portal. Don’t forget to check and update your contact details including your emergency contact if you have yet to do so.

New members: Click on the Member Portal (on the Home page) and select ‘Display the class schedule’. Scroll down to view the many options on offer. If you like what you see, from there you can register as a member, pay your membership for 2024 and make your selection – all in the portal. 

nb. If you don’t wish to pay in the portal, you can still pay by cash at Newcastle Permanent or online from your financial institution’s website. 

It’s easy to join and enrol in the portal, once you have decided which courses are of interest: 

1. Returning members can Login using the password sent to you on 26 September or choose ‘forgot password’ and reset one. Please update our information about you eg provide your person in case of emergency and their contact details. If you are new choose ‘New Members’ to register.

2. Choose ‘Your membership fees’ to pay by credit card (or pay by your usual method)

3. Choose ‘Change your enrolment details’ to select the courses of interest. You can narrow down your search by choosing a day of the week. nb A message that reads ‘Not available this term’ simply means a course commences in Term 2. Just enrol in these as usual. NOTE: During the enrolment period (until 25 January) ALL classes will show as ‘waitlisted’, then enrolments will process and you be advised of the courses in which you are enrolled or waitlisted, by email.

Need help with the portal? Try clicking on thePortal Help button on the Home page. Still confused?