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About Fee Payment


Your annual $60 membership fee entitles you membership throughout 2024.  If joining from Term 3 (July) the fee is $45.  Fees for 2024 remain unchanged. The easiest way to pay your 2024 membership is through the Member Portal, when you renew or register your membership and enrol. If paying outside the member portal, please tag your membership payment with your name and reason for payment. eg Bloggs, Joe membership.


If you are placed on a course or excursion where extra charges apply, we will advise you when to pay. Please do NOT pay these extra fees until advised. This will avoid unnecessary refunds if circumstances change. Where payment is required to a third party eg Newcastle Theatre Company, Cruise Company, please refer to the directions in the Schedule or Member Portal.


The best and easiest method of payment is within the Member Portal. 

The portal provides Secure Online Payment (safe, fast, reliable and the recommended method) or Direct Bank Payment (much slower due to additional reconciliations procedures). 

IMPORTANT: For payments made by any means other than the Member Portal, you will also need to email with the date of payment (and a copy of the receipt if possible), so we can match your payment to you. 

To pay outside the Member Portal, you can use Electronic Funds Transfer.                 


1. Transfer payment through your online banking website or app to the details below


2.  Attend a Newcastle Permanent branch to make a Direct Deposit of cash or direct transfer from your account.

    • Account name: Newcastle U3A Inc
    • BSB Number: 650 000
    • Account number: 822-048-118
    • Description: Your surname, your initial, whether your payment is a membership fee or extra fee related to a course in which your application to enrol has been accepted. eg Bloggs, J member or Bloggs, J, 117

If paying at a Newcastle Permanent branch please ask the customer service officer to reference your name and description on the deposit. You should keep your deposit receipt. NB. There is no need to buy a bank cheque – they will accept cash.

We no longer accept personal cheques. Click here for our Refund Policy.