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About Fee Payment

Payment is important as your membership and enrolment applications cannot be processed in the absence of evidence of payment. You need to make the payment first and advise your method of payment in your membership application and course enrolment application forms.  Further, please email with the date of payment (and a copy of the receipt if possible) to facilitate identification of your payment.

Important: Please ensure you identify your payment with your name and ‘membership’ or ‘Mship’.

If you are also paying for course or excursion costs, please:

  1. First pay membership fee of $60.
  2. Then a separate single payment to be made for courses and excursions.
  3. Tag membership payments with your name and reason for payment: e.g. “Joe Bloggs membership”
  4. Tag courses and excursion payments with your name and course number(s): e.g. “Joe Bloggs 117, 554, 556”
  5. Shorten your first name with an initial if it can’t all fit.

Membership and course applications are not processed until the membership fee and any course / excursion fees are viewed in the Newcastle U3A bank account. No online payment method is available via this website.

Before filling in forms, peruse the NU3A Program Information Booklet

Payment Methods

Please note NU3A is unable to accept cash payments.

1. EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer: (preferred)

Please transfer $60, then separately any extra amounts required for excursions or courses you wish to apply for, to the following account. Ensure you provide in the description field your full name in sufficient detail to correctly identify you and the reason for the payment.

Account name: Newcastle U3A Inc. BSB Number:650000 Account number: 822048118 Description: **

** Your surname AND first name or, if that is too long, surname AND initial(s).    e.g. FlindersM plus reason (membership or course number[s]).

1.1 – Direct Deposit

Alternatively a Direct Deposit may be made over the counter at any branch of the Newcastle Permanent using the details shown above (please ask the customer service officer to include your Name in the payment description and retain your deposit receipt). NB. There is no need to buy a bank cheque – the Permanent will happily accept cash and it won’t cost you any extra!

2.  Cheque:

Write a cheque for $60, plus any extra amounts required for excursions or courses you wish to apply for, to ‘Newcastle U3A Inc’ and post together with your details (name, address, contact email and phone number, course or excursion number where relevant) to:

Newcastle U3A Inc. PO Box 318, Hamilton NSW 2303

If you choose to use a bank cheque for payment, please write your name on the back of the cheque.